Artist Statement by Lisa Diakova

Artist Statement Humanoid Headspace

Pop Surrealist Artist Lisa Diakova Woman with Red Lips Lying in Sand and DirtABOVE: LISA DIAKOVA  (PHOTO BY C. PAREDES for HUMANOID STUDIO)


Tales of strength and perseverance feed my imagination. I see my characters as survivors and messengers of hope. Like us, some of them are damaged and bruised, but that's because they march on even when things get tough. No matter the difficulties they encounter on their journeys, they find creative ways to get through it. They are not shackled by what they've endured. Their stories are composed of the many times they were brave enough to keep going while confronting adversity, despite the occasional loss of an eye.  

Art is my passport into countless realities. From birth to death, no two human lives are exactly alike. Each of us has the ability to contribute from a unique vantage point. Through incalculable daily choices, we affect one another without taking notice. Our cumulative knowledge enables us to innovate and create things not otherwise achievable in a single lifetime.


Nine Art Print by Lisa Diakova


Humans are strange and fascinating creatures. I am enchanted by the choices and encounters that lead us down the paths which eventually become our lives. My characters are an extension of the private journeys I experience and envision. They epitomize the vast potential that exists in each of us. We are all a part of the greater human experience the way a nucleus is part of a cell, the way a cell is part of an organ, the way an organ is part of a person. 

The human story is a tale of perspective. How we perceive the world affects our reaction to it. We can walk past some object on the street and ignore it as mundane or unimportant, but when viewed in a gallery or captured in a professional photograph, that same object can be elevated to a symbolic icon of humanity. Scrape a gourmet meal off a restaurant plate and onto the street, suddenly our perception of it is strikingly different.

"When someone connects to my work, an unspoken intimacy occurs."

At its core, my work is about inner strength. I am moved by the ability humans have to push past pain and defeat; to not just survive, but to excel. In each of us is a capacity for growth and change, and that capacity encapsulates what we regard as hope. We suffer, we cry, we mess up, but the most intrinsic thing we do for our fellow humans is we keep going. Though we may not always be aware of our contributions, we play our part in developing the human story simply by existing.

Thank you for waking up today and facing existence. Thank you for living among us and choosing to spend this moment with me. When someone connects to my work, an unspoken intimacy occurs. I am grateful for the chain of events that brought you here. Like love, art is enhanced through discovery. I hope you’ll be willing to burrow down some tunnels with me.

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