Política de envío

Estimated shipping delivery times:

USA: 3-5 business days
Canada: 5-10 business days
Rest of the World: 10-20 business days

On average, you order is processed and mailed within 3 business days.

International shipping:

Some international orders may incur customs fees. The fee is typically based on a variety of factors such as weight, value, and size. 

We do not take responsibility for customs fees.

Order Did Not Arrive:

If your order did not arrive, let us know as soon as possible. 

Please make sure to check your shipping confirmation address. Though we will try our best to fix any mistakes, we are not responsible for shipping addresses that were entered incorrectly. We are happy to send you a new shipment, but it will be billed as a new order. 

You can reach out to us at humanoidstudio@gmail.com