Untitled Print Bite
Untitled Print Bite
Untitled Print Bite
Untitled Print Bite

Untitled Print Bite

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The Untitled Print Bite by Lisa Diakova is cute enough to eat, but please don't try or you'll lose some teeth! This mini art print is mounted on a beveled wood panel for a finished art piece that requires no framing, and comes ready to hang with a pre-installed sawtooth hanger. Each panel is personalized with a unique paint spatter design on the back, and signed with a message by the artist: Lisa wuz here

Print Bites were designed to inspire people to easily kickstart their own art collections. Stick a super fancy nail into your wall, and they are ready to hang. They also look great propped up on a shelf or ledge. The varied shapes make it simple to mix and match the panels with each other, or alongside your existing art displays. Print bites get their name because of their small sizes, which make them ideal for even the coziest spaces.

The joy of bonding through art should be approachable for all of us. Print Bites aspire to encourage a lifestyle of art gifting among friends and loved ones. Artwork can elevate your thinking, brighten up your mood, and create a space that reflects the glorious inner weirdo inside of you. 


The Process

The Untitled Print Bite is assembled by hand in Lisa Diakova's studio. The process begins by sanding the wood panels which are cut domestically in North Carolina and Wisconsin. The boards are then primed, painted black, and romantically splashed with various paint colors. The print on the front is carefully hand-mounted in place. The panel is then finished with a satin UV light filter varnish on both sides of the board which is applied in multiple thin layers over the course of several hours. A small sawtooth hanger is installed on the back, braced by the most adorable tiny screws you've ever seen, so it's instantly ready to hang when it arrives at your home. Finally, the artist signs a handwritten message on the back and your print bite is ready to ship. 

Each panel is carefully assembled and made to order with OCD, I mean, love. Though every effort is made to get them into your hands asap, and typically should only take 2-4 days to assemble and varnish, please allow up to a week for the process. 

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- Circle: 6.25 inches diameter   (15.875 cm in diameter)

- Hexagon: 6.25 inches height x 7.25 inches length   (15.875 cm height x 18.415 length)

- Rectangle and Oval: 5.25 inches width x 7.25 inches length   (13.335 cm height x        18.415 length)



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